Add credit monitoring andidentityprotection

Brigit wanted to enhance its consumer offering with credit monitoring and identity protection, but they couldn’t find access to a secure and compliant API with tooling. Enter Array. Important goals included limited upfront investment both in capital and engineering resources, as well as an expedited proof of concept and development cycle to validate its product strategy. Check, check and check.

Brigit was aware of credit data vendors and their various toolsets, but none could be implemented as quickly or seamlessly as Array. The deal was struck, and the rest is history.


Scale efficiently

Array solved Brigit’s problems by providing multiple integration points: API, embedded components and a full white label customer portal. All three offerings were put into the mobile app as a hybrid integration.

Brigit reported an entirely seamless customer experience with us, and Array did a lot of the heavy lifting to design and build the solution. Array's super responsive and supportive team provided the full suite of tools required to enhance the Brigit mobile app with minimal engineering or capital requirements.

  • Web Components

    Array heavily customized their web components for the Brigit use case using their headless CMS to match the Brigit mobile app design.

  • Secure URL links

    Brigit's backend controlled and managed secure URL links to the various Array web components using the API.

  • Financial wellness tools

    Array provided credit monitoring, identity protection, score simulators and other financial wellness tools to Brigit customers within their mobile app.


We’ve got them covered

Brigit utilizes Array via three integration points: API, embedded tools, and white labeled My Credit Manager. Since launching Array has provided tens of thousands of Brigit customers with credit monitoring, identity protection, and financial wellness tools.

Array's headless CMS growing product suite allow Brigit to grow into the future as they offer new features and capabilities to their customers.

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    of users return within 90 days

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    Targeted offers conversion rate

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    3.5 days

    for new product build

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