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Built for flexibility & scale

Dream up new ways to delight, convert or monetize your users. Get started in a flash and unleash new product possibilities.

credit-managerMY CREDIT MANAGER

Empower users with insightful, financial tools

Harness white-label solutions to create delightful experiences and grow user loyalty. Offer users a fully branded credit portal, or integrate embedded tools into your own app. Choose the best option and get to market fast.

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offers-engineOFFERS ENGINE

Intelligently qualify and convert leads

Leverage our API and decision logic to segment leads and design targeted offers and workflows. Increase relevance, efficiency and drive conversion for your products or partners. Get full visibility to optimize your offering.


Screen tenants or new hires with ease

Screening efficiently and precisely can be challenging. Embed our whitelabel screening solutions into your software and workflows and streamline the process for your clients. Provide detailed credit, criminal, and eviction reports and help them decide with confidence.


id-verifyID PROTECT

Help users protect their identities

Give consumers peace-of-mind with robust identity monitoring and protection services. Users get alerted to potential identity fraud but have the security of identity insurance and restoration. Easily embed this service into your product.

id-verifyID Verify

Make KYC Secure and Frictionless

Robust ID verification, delivered seamlessly. Leverage our smart waterfall of identity checks to ensure the highest match rate while minimizing signup friction. From risk scoring, to digital fingerprints, to 3-bureau KBA - customize the platform to your context.

curl -X POST \

--url'https://sandbox.credmo.com/api/authenticate/v2' \

-H'Accept: application/json' \

-H'Content-type: application/json' \


"appKey": "d3ebbd44-470a-43c5-ab65-a4ed34ef6824",

"clientKey": "test-customer-123",



Your consumer credit backbone

We obsess over the details so you don’t have to.

  • performant


    We maintain a 99.999% API success rate and keep libraries fresh as standards shift.

  • secure


    We ensure robust consumer security as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other regulations.

  • Scalable


    Our platform and pricing is designed to scale with your own success. Ten or ten million users, we’re happy to serve you.