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Seamlessly screen new hires, tenants or leads. Access a white label portal, embed into your own app or customize with the Report Share API.

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    Request the Report

    (Select the bureau)

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    Send Email or SMS

    (User consents to share)

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    Review the Report

    (Make an informed decision)

White Label Portal

Manage all your report requests through a branded dashboard. Choose your preferred bureau, send an email or SMS with one click and get notified when you receive consent.

Keep the reports safe for future access or audits.


Embedded Share

Simplify your workflow and embed Report Share into your app. Make it seamless for users to opt in and share their reports. Customize and add the web component with just few lines of code.

Fast, easy, no surprises.

Report Share API

Create a custom experience within your app and help clients screen more efficiently.

Save your clients time and grow their loyalty.

curl -X POST \

--url'' \

-H'Accept: application/json' \


"00001174-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" \

-H'Content-type: application/json' \


"clientKey": "test-customer-123",

"productCode": "tui1bReport",


Simple, secure and speedy

How much time can you save?

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    Reports Manager

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    All 3 Bureaus

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    100% FCRA compliant